Prue Thordatter

Back in March, I did a picture that I was sure captured the image of the heroine in my current WIP.  However, as I spent more time with her on the page, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the image.  The woman in that image was too delicate and thin.  She was fragile and if there’s one thing that Prue Thordatter isn’t, that’s fragile.

A seasoned warrior, she was trained by the Norse Pantheon’s greatest warrior–Thor, and she has his blood pulsing through her veins.  Delicate and fragile are what she eats for breakfast.

So, in all her Valkyrie glory (including wings), I present…

Prue Thordatter
Daughter of Thor and Sif
Granddaughter of Odin and Fjörgyn (the personified Earth)