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In case some of you were unaware, I made my publishing debut on October 12, 2012. I am one of nine authors who wrote stories for the anthology, DEATH SPARKLES. This anthology centers on a prompt sentence – “The diamond necklace dangled from the dead woman’s hand.” Being associated with such talented authors who each have such wonderful, distinct voices is truly an honor.

As an artist, I have been a part of the “support team,” I guess you would call it, of several authors. I offer my talents as a graphic designer to publishing companies and self-publishing authors in the form of book covers and marketing materials. For DEATH SPARKLES, I was both support and author.

It has been an eye-opening experience.

My inbox has exploded with emails about editing, galley proofs (that last chance copy of your story to catch anything wrong before the book goes to print), cover issues, publishing formats, marketing materials, advertising and blog tours. It’s been wildly chaotic, but magnificent. The energy generated by nine authors all focused on a single endeavor could power a starship. I feel like I’m standing on the bridge of the Enterprise, looking at George Takei saying, “Warp factor 5, Mr. Sulu!”

Awesome. 🙂

Knowing all that, you’ll understand why I think this picture is so funny.

Beam me up with Mr. OCD Darcy! (You can see Nina's book tucked into the good captain's belt.)

I received it from my friend and fellow contributing author of DEATH SPARKLES, Nina Benneton. Nina had been on a trip with her family to Madame Tussauds, the famous wax museum in Hollywood. While there, her husband came up with the idea of putting her book, COMPULSIVELY MR. DARCY, on the various figures and taking a picture.

Hilarity friggin’ ensued.

Nina sent me pictures with subject lines like “Forest says read Compulsively Mr. Darcy” and “Robin likes the book.” At first I thought she had used Photoshop on pictures of the actors to put her book with them. (I’m an artist! What else was I supposed to think?!) THEN she told me what she had actually done. Reference the afore mentioned hilarity. When she told me that she had gotten a picture of William Shatner’s figure with her book, I begged for a copy. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I loved Nina’s contemporary take on PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, so that was one photo I had to have. Nina’s subject line for that picture? “Beam me up with Mr. OCD Darcy.”

One ticket to Madame Tussauds? $20. William Shatner’s wax figure recommending COMPULSIVELY MR. DARCY? Priceless.

So now that we know that the stars are all recommending Nina’s book, I’d like to ask you a question, dear audience. What actor, actress, singer or author recommendation would inspire you to instantly purchase a book? I have a book to sell, after all, and I want to know whose recommendation will give me the most bang for my buck. 😉

– PJ

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