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The Fates’ Challenge

Last night, I completed my own Fates’ Challenge…finishing the artwork inspired by the three beautiful actresses cast as The Fates in the new reality show The Quest on ABC Thursday nights at 8pm. If you’re not watching, you’re missing a great show. It’s a fantasy based reality show that pits its challengers, called paladins, against a different challenge each week. The winners move on to next week, but the bottom 3 paladins must then face The Fates and an additional challenge. The winner of that challenge moves on and the final two are then voted on by the remaining paladins. One stays and the other returns to the mundane world.

The paladins are supported by several cast members:

Peter Windhofer as Sir Ansgar, head of the Royal Army
Jan Hutter as Crio the Dreamer, Royal Steward of Castle Saenctum
Marcello de Nardo as the Grand Vizier, the Queen’s Chief Advisor
Susanne Gschwendtner as Queen Ralia XXIII, Protector of Saenctum

The Fates are:
Stephanie Buddenbrock as Karu, The Fate of the Flesh
Florence Kasumba as Talmuh, The Fate of the Earth
Mai Duong Kieu as Solas, The Fate of Light.

I’m NOT a fan of reality tv shows, but this one is really different and so much fun. Check it out!

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