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Cover Reveal! Destiny’s Wish by Marissa Dobson

Book Two of Marissa Dobson’s The Cedar Grove Medical series–Destiny’s Wish–is coming in 2015 and I had the pleasure of creating the cover. Visit Marissa’s Site for more information and stop by her Facebook to chat! Twitter lovers, follow her here. Below is the blurb for Destiny’s Wish:

Single mother Nora has the weight of the world on her shoulders. After her husband died while serving his country, she was left alone to raise their beautiful daughter, Destiny. She was able to pick up the pieces and move on for her daughter, but when Destiny’s cancer returns, Nora isn’t sure she can handle it any longer. She’s not certain she can be strong for her daughter when she’s falling apart inside.

Doctor Brian West is a pediatric cardiologist at Cedar Grove Children’s Hospital and has seen many sick children during his years there. He’s always been able to do his job without letting it get to him because he knows that if he’s distracted for even a minute, someone could die because of him. When he stumbles upon Nora, the recognition is instant and he can’t distance himself from her or her sick little girl, especially not when the little girl tells him her wish.

A sick child’s dying wish isn’t meant for her mother’s ears this time…because she wants her mother to have someone to love.