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Prue Thordatter

Back in March, I did a picture that I was sure captured the image of the heroine in my current WIP.  However, as I spent more time with her on the page, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the image.  The woman in that image was too delicate and thin.  She was fragile and if there’s one thing that Prue Thordatter isn’t, that’s fragile.

A seasoned warrior, she was trained by the Norse Pantheon’s greatest warrior–Thor, and she has his blood pulsing through her veins.  Delicate and fragile are what she eats for breakfast.

So, in all her Valkyrie glory (including wings), I present…

Prue Thordatter
Daughter of Thor and Sif
Granddaughter of Odin and Fjörgyn (the personified Earth)

Stress relief & a visit from the Muse


Sable - Valkyrie and part of the Norse series I'm working on.
Sable – Valkyrie and part of the Norse series I’m working on.

The past few days have been extraordinarily stressful.  I was a witness to something that rattled me pretty badly.  The situation brought up memories that I’d rather leave far in the past.


It completely compromised the worldbuilding for my series.   Thoughts skittered across my mind, but I couldn’t grab onto anything.  I needed something to center myself.

Enter art.

When life is at its most trying, I center myself by creating stories with pictures.  There’s something very calming about controlling every single thing in a scene, tweaking it until it looks exactly the way I see it in my mind.  Random thoughts float away and the only things in my head are colors and light…for hours.  I fiddle with every detail–hair style, clothes, the turn of the model’s head.  There are no rules that I follow.  I’m free.

When I finally pull out of the image and sign my name, I feel whole again…calm, collected and ready to take on the world again.

The picture attached to this post is the one that brought me peace this weekend.  It’s also a character sketch of Sable, a valkyrie from my series.  Sometimes the Muse surprises me.

When life stresses you to the max, what do you do to relax?